Disruptive Successor: Jonathan Goldhill

The next generation of family business leaders intend to make big changes when they take over their family business, they want to change their leadership style, innovate, update the company strategy, and oftentimes, …

Down Home Money: Myra Oliver

We buy houses we’ll never own, cars we can’t afford, and stuff we don’t need. We’re trading our time for money and not making our money work for us. Myra Oliver was 22 …

The Rack We Built: Lorenzo Gomez

The company Rackspace planted their flag in the heart of Texas in 1998, and just over two decades later, the scrappy little underdog was a billion-dollar business with more than 6,000 employees worldwide. …

Keep It Simple, Make It Big: Michael Lynch

ENRICH: Todd Miller

More Good Jobs: Martin Babinec

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