After living through an incident that very easily could have played out tragically, Brian Scott looked around him, only to notice that certain elements of his life and the world around him seemed different. This undeniable observation sent Brian on a mission to figure out what was going on. He spent the next several years deeply researching parallel universes and other theories of quantum physics and played around with various practices to shift his own reality.

Brian watched in awe as his life transformed before his very eyes. He began to share this information with others through coaching and served as a witness as their lives transformed as well. In his new book, The Reality Revolution, Brian shares all of the things he has learned about how we all have the power to create a reality of our own design and some powerful practices for doing this in your own life.

Nikki Van Noy: Today, I’m joined by Brian Scott who is talking to us about his new book, The Reality Revolution. Brian, thank you so much for joining us.

Brain Scott: Thank you, Nikki.

Nikki Van Noy: So, I would like to start with your story about the Super Bowl. Let’s tell listeners about one of the more remarkable nights of your life.

Brain Scott: Yeah, going back to the Super Bowl when the Broncos–go Broncos!–when the Broncos won against Carolina, I am a big Broncos fan and so it was an exciting day for me. As it would be for anybody that’s been a sports fan, if your team wins the Super Bowl or the championship, you’re going to stay up all night, you’re going to watch every show. So, it was very exciting. I’m a season ticket holder to the Broncos even though I live in California. When the Broncos won the Superbowl, I was incredibly excited and so I had to stay up all night, laying on my couch, just watching, going through all the shows.

At some point, maybe three or four in the morning, I kind of started to doze off a little bit and I heard a sound and got up and noticed that my back door near my backyard was open. It is not normally open, so my first concern was my gosh, my cats have gotten out, I’ve been so dazed this whole time because the Super Bowl that my cat had just skipped.

I was worried that my cat might have escaped and so I start looking around for my cat, I went up to the back door, and it was a sliding porch door. My backyard was behind a park and so you could go out the back and then go into my bedroom, it was all backed up by a large backyard.

I walked up to the door and the porch door was open and there was this kid standing there with a gun pointed at me. At that moment, fortunately, I decided to shut the door, but it was a double pane glass door. I turned and I heard the gun go off. I don’t know why he was firing at me, I didn’t understand, it was all happening in the moment, it kind of felt like I was watching myself, like I was outside of my body when this was happening.

I could hear the bullet hit the glass, it was double-paned glass and I could hear the bullet. I started to run, I could feel something on my back, and then I ran to the other room and there was someone else that was in that room. So, it turned out that some people had looked in the back and they had seen nobody was in my bed and it was a home invasion, they were stealing stuff. They had pulled some stuff out while I was lying there on the couch watching the Broncos, I didn’t hear them, but this person started shooting at me as well.

It felt like I was in a movie. I could see the bullets going by me, whizzing by, I could feel the heat of them. I turned and ran to the garage and fortunately they ran away. Later, I found out that the initial bullet that had been shot had bounced off my back.

He shot me with a 22 and it probably had been slowed down by the glass of the porch door that I had shut, but it was a very eye-opening moment for me because the whole thing happened and it felt like I was in a dream and I was being guided as to what to do. Ultimately, the biggest thing when I came out of that and I went to the hospital and they said, the bullet bounced off your back was that I had been given a second chance.

I knew at that moment that I really hadn’t deserved the second chance.

I looked back on my life and it felt like it had been empty, and I had not done the things I wanted to do. I thought about what my kids were going to think about me and what I’d really done to help the world or do anything had I achieved my dreams or goals. So, this was a huge moment for me and it changed my life.

I decided I wanted to earn the second chance I had been given and so that was the reason that I wrote the book. I had been on a journey before that to learn more about the world and the universe. I had been really struggling with alcohol and I kind of bottomed out and my business was struggling. I had started meditating and found some wonderful techniques that allowed me to explore and create my own reality.

When this happened, I was in that process, and I had awakened. I felt so powerful about what I had been through that I wanted to share it with this book.

A Second Chance

Nikki Van Noy: First of all, what an incredible story. My heart rate rises a little bit every time I just hear that story. Let’s talk about some of the things you started noticing as you went about your day to day life after this Super Bowl incident happened?

Brain Scott: Yeah, part of my journey was to figure out if I was insane or not. After this happened, the next day, I noticed objects around my house that I had never seen before. I started getting phone calls from people that I had never talked to that acted like they I regularly talk to them and I even found phone records that I had been talking to them.

I had done some walking and running in my neighborhood and there was an empty lot. You know, when you have that lot, you cut across when you maybe go for a walk, there’s that lot in your neighborhood, the empty lot that it’s easier just to cut across, right?

Nikki Van Noy: It’s true, we all have that lot.

Brain Scott: We all have that one lot and so I come upon this lot and it’s a full building. It’s not a new building that has just been built, it’s an old building. I’m incredibly concerned that something is wrong with me and that I maybe have post-traumatic stress disorder or hallucinations. I’m thinking that I’m going insane.

I had been exploring before this, the concept of parallel realities and meditating, trying to jump into different parallel realities and using that as kind of a basis and understanding for the law of attraction and things like that. I had already been exploring with this, but it had felt like I was not in the same place I was before this event happened.

The world around me was different. The movies that were coming to the movies. I always know I’m a big movie buff, I already know the movies that are coming out. All these new movies I had never heard of started coming out and just multiple things. My kids acted differently, there was a bunch of changes.

I had this theory that possibly I had jumped into a parallel reality or universe and I knew that there’s a little bias for me, I’m a big science fiction buff so I’m very good at finding proof for anything. I mean, I knew that yeah, this is just you trying to fit this around, there’s something else. I went to a psychologist, I went to a therapist, I talked to people in my situation.

My biggest concern was, is something wrong with me? I thought that something was wrong with me, that I needed to get some help. I kind of went on a journey because I wanted to prove to myself, because I felt sane, I felt better than I had ever been, I had been improving and my reality started changing and I had these wonderful things started happening for me, but this thing, it just lingered.

I needed to confront it and explain it. So, I tried to go on a journey to explain what had happened to me and exploring my own consciousness. That’s where the book came about was my journey in exploring, did I jump into a parallel reality? Can I explore parallel realities as discussed in physics?

That is an explanation of what happened afterward, if that answers that.

Nikki Van Noy: Absolutely. Now that you’ve been through this journey, what is ultimately your take about what happened?

Brain Scott: It is my opinion, and there’s no way to prove it, that I jumped into a parallel reality and that there’s probably a reality where I’m dead. The first thing I started doing was just studying physics. I had known just reading on the internet that this theory, the many worlds theory, that talks about the idea that every decision we make, there are multiple realities that exist as a result of it.

If I go get some ice cream right now or I stay home, there are both realities, there’s the one where I go get ice cream, and the one where I stay home. Every single decision we make, opens up a new reality, that’s what I believe. Very difficult to prove that but there is an energy interchanged between all of these realities and I started to research different authors that had explored this concept.

So, for most of us, there’s a part of us, our subconscious and our higher self, I believe that kind of protects us. We could jump into these parallel realities, there’s every single possibility reality, but there’s a part of us deep down that’s protecting us.

They don’t want us to go insane. We couldn’t constantly be waking up next to a different partner or being in a different world or at a different house. There’s a part of us that is constantly protecting us and keeping us in this reality. But in this particular case, it’s like I had no choice. My soul jumped into this other reality because that was the only place for me to go and I had to just accept all these crazy changes that had happened for me.

I began to research this and there it was, several groups and mentors and authors that had explored the idea of jumping into parallel realities and using the concept of parallel realities to create a reality that is way more amazing than I thought possible.

It became a tool, an advantage for me. Something that I could use to help bring prosperity, to help my relationships, to help my health. It became like this wonderful secret, the holy grail that I had been seeking that really helped my life.

As a part and as a result of it, now, in exploring concepts like reality trans-surfing and parallel reality surfing. It’s really expanded and blessed my life in multiple ways.

Nikki Van Noy: Let’s talk about the ways in which your life has changed since you started really exploring this and bringing these different practices into your life.

Brain Scott: Yeah, before I had explored these things, I had gone through a pretty tough time. I was in what I thought was a good relationship, I had two kids, and the woman that I was with left me and I lost my kids. I was alone and I moved into a house in an area where I didn’t really know anybody. I started drinking heavily and felt despondent and despair and considered suicide. I was really at a point that I had no hope or purpose for living. There was nobody that could help me. If I was going to change this, because I had my kids and I couldn’t just give up, I couldn’t go into the pool in the backyard and just jump in and never come out. I needed to do something, and I didn’t have the money or resources, I just had myself. I said, can I influence this world around me? Just through my thoughts, through my actions and so that is what I tried to do. I started using these concepts and exploring deep meditation and affirmations and a whole bunch of concepts and techniques that are discussed in the book.

I saw a massive change in my life, I got into a wonderful relationship and my business changed, I was able to pay off massive amounts of debt. I started profiting my business, I had new employees who came to me that really helped me out, a whole sequence of events started happening. As I imagined and the more I imagined and started exploring these techniques, the more they came to me and very easily and quickly and so, I reached a point where my life was going better than ever.

Something wonderful was happening for me every day. I had this overwhelming feeling that if it’s this good for me, I’ve got to find a way to share this with as many people as possible because I meet people all the time that are struggling, they feel hopeless, they don’t have any idea that they can change their situation.

They’re mired in this pit and if I could just say hey, you are not stuck in that pit, you are free to do whatever you want. The world is yours, the universe is yours, you can create it and do whatever you want with it. That has been my passion.

Once I realized that even if I was insane, that these techniques work to change your reality, it was very important for me, no matter what, to share this with as many people as possible because I wanted to share the same benefits that I had experienced with as many people as I possibly could.

Huge Transformations

Nikki Van Noy: On that point, let’s take this outside of you a little bit and talk about the ways that you’ve seen other people who you’ve worked with, their lives began to shift.

Brain Scott: I’ve seen people that have weight problems encounter massive changes in their weight in their body. I’ve seen people that are sick, that have immune problems, that suddenly are completely different. I’ve had people, similar to my situation, that they were alcoholics or drug addicts that had found a way to jump into a reality where they worked and they were seeing instantaneous sobriety and results. I’ve had people that were struggling with even finding a nine to five job that are suddenly prosperous in making several thousand dollars a week from having nothing, no experience.

What I started to see was, not just changes because we all want to make changes and improvements in our lives, but big massive instantaneous changes, the rate of change is what startled me.

I was really on to something that once you accept this possibility that there’s a version of you that has whatever you want–that is not drinking, or that is making a million dollars, or is driving that Lamborghini. If you start imagining it and start using these techniques and really believe it and go into a state where it is happening. You actually enter into a time stream or reality where all of this is true. So where I was really surprised in starting to share this with others was how quickly I can see change in people that started to accept these techniques and it’s really exciting to share.

Because a lot of people out there say, “Hey, you have some problems, go to the therapist for 10 years,” and that is a long time or “Hey I want to lose 100 pounds. It is going to take me five years to lose 100 pounds.” A lot of times we accept this belief that change takes a long time and it’s difficult and hard. Why what I talk about in the book is so empowering is that it is easy and quick and natural, and it empowers you, the individual, to choose whatever you want. That all of it is available to you and that is the exciting thing.

Nikki Van Noy: Yeah, I love that idea of choice, too. I think it is really easy as an offshoot of modern-day life to feel powerless sometimes like you’re just being blown along this course and that’s where you are.

Brain Scott: It is hard to break from that if you were raised that way. We are trained in that way. We are told from when we’re children that we are stuck in this mold and we don’t have control over our reality. We are just on the river, on the boat, and we have no control of where it takes us. I think that sometimes that belief is hard to break through but once I started to see evidence that it is not true, and I started to teach this to other people, it is incredibly exciting.

Nikki Van Noy: So, you have a ton of information in this book and it ranges from explaining some of the science behind how this works and also just a ton of practices for readers to apply to different facets of their life. I would love you to share one of those practices now to give listeners an idea of what this actually looks like.

Brain Scott: There is a lot more to it than just sitting and imagining and then waking up and then moving on. There is a flow of energy that occurs as you start to maneuver into different realities, and one of the things that I talk about in the book is an understanding of the outside forces, such as pendulums and the way that you apply your energy.

So, one thing that I found is reducing the level of importance of something seems to allow things to happen faster and easier. Understanding the idea of intention, meaning that you don’t crave or desire something and really hope that something happens, but you enter into this state where it is going to happen 100%. You reduce the importance of it and you just start taking actions towards it and it happens. If that answers that question, there are several different techniques and ideas that I talk about in the book and they are things that I found that are really interesting.

There is more to it than just putting a picture in your mind and imagining the reality. There is sort of a process that’s involved in acquiring the energy and focusing your attention and taking daily action towards that reality that you want to be in.

Nikki Van Noy: I know that this was a big mission for you to share all of this information. So, I am curious about how it feels to have this out here, to have this book be a part of your reality.

Brain Scott: Well it is interesting,  I teach about reality creation. I have for a very long time imagined having my book published. It is a dream of mine, something I wanted to do. I was too critical. Anything that I wrote, I would just destroy immediately. As somebody that is an avid reader, and owner of a bookstore, my relationship to books, in general, made it almost that it was impossible for me to properly write this book.

So, it was tough for me to imagine. I thought I had a clue of what it would be like and now that it’s happened it’s completely different than I expected. The whole process has been enlightening and wonderful, but just very different than what I had expected. We will see more as the book comes out, but the process itself has been more wonderful to me than the book actually being published. The process of going through and putting the book together and organizing it.

Then working on my YouTube channel to support it has probably been a bigger step for me than the actual book itself but it’s definitely exciting. There is a little bit of the unknown. I think that is natural as a part of this.

A Different Level of Consciousness

Nikki Van Noy: Let’s talk a little bit about the other things you have done because you have grown a significant podcast at this point, what has that been like, stepping into that new arena and have you learned anything new in doing that?

Brain Scott: I probably have learned more than anything. I had originally intended when I started the podcast, I knew that when the book would come out that nobody except for my clients that I had coached would know me. So, I started to talk about some of the same topics that I talk about in the book in my podcast and putting together some meditations and deeper analysis of everything from Neville Goddard to reality trend surfing to Dolores Cannon to channeling.

As a result, I found a venue that allows me to explore these topics further. I’ve had over 30 interviews on the podcast. I have met some incredible people that have expanded my knowledge well beyond what is talked about in the book. I have made incredible relationships with musicians. I now have music that I use on my podcast that is amazing, that is mind-blowing. So, it’s almost become this whole separate thing, and it’s because of the book that I created it.

I am grateful for that. If I don’t sell a single copy of the book, it doesn’t matter because I am grateful that because of the book it gave me the incentive to start a YouTube channel and my podcast, which has been wonderful. It is something I am really proud of.

Nikki Van Noy: That’s amazing. So, since we have talked about it, what is the name of the podcast and YouTube channel and where can listeners find that?

Brain Scott: It’s The Reality Revolution Podcast and the YouTube channel is Brian Scott, which as people that know me know that’s my author name, but nobody can spell my regular name. It is Brian Bengston, so I use Brian Scott for the book. I am not hiding anything, just nobody can ever spell my proper last name.

The channel is Brian Scott and I put some episodes out in the beginning and a few people watched, but then something happened.

Something clicked, and we’re at 22,000 subscribers now. On the YouTube channel, we are getting thousands of views a day. We are now at 30,000 views a day on all my videos and it is growing and it’s exciting and it is a revolution. It is a reality revolution, absolutely.

Nikki Van Noy: You mentioned at the very beginning of our conversation the word insanity two or three times and how you were concerned that maybe that’s what is actually happening to you. So, I love the fact that you have gone from there to being on these mediums where you really have the opportunity to interact and get feedback from more people. I am curious how that has shifted and if it shifted your mindset at all about all of these things that you are talking about.

Brain Scott: Well if I am crazy, because I can really only ever analyze my own state, then I am sharing my craziness with a lot of people. There are a lot of people that are exploring these parallel realities that are trying these techniques that have had similar situations as mine. I have talked to authors, I have talked to people that have had reality shifts, where there were complete changes in their reality, like Cynthia Sue Larson, who wrote a book called Quantum Jumps.

I’ve talked to several YouTube creators that have explored the same idea the more I explore it I do feel less insane, but there is still mystery to it. I am still learning, and I still feel like a student, but I don’t feel like I am insane. I am sure there are people that knew me from before that hear what I just said about how my reality had changed and all of these things, that do think that I went a little bit crazy and I get that.

I totally understand where you are coming from and I don’t disagree with you but if I am insane or crazy it has empowered me, and it has become something that has changed my life in ways I could never imagine. I am so thankful to be insane if that is the case.

Nikki Van Noy: I love how you said I feel less insane and then I think from my experience that is all any of us can ask for on a day to day basis to just feel a little less insane. But I think it is really fascinating all the science that comes into play here and you are a huge researcher. The amount of information you’ve compiled that supports this is fascinating.

Brain Scott: Yeah, I am really proud of that part of the book. I think we did a great job of finding some incredibly correlating information that verifies the possibility of this and goes into the mechanics of it. There is more than just one physicist that’s referred to in this book. There are multiple, and we talk about the science, we talk about the implications of the science. I am really proud of the research that we found to corroborate my experience and my theory about exploring these pearls of realities. I think it turned out great.

Nikki Van Noy: Do you feel like the world is shifting into a place where people are more open to ideas like this and that things may not be how they appear on the surface?

Brain Scott: This book is not about me and what happened to me. It is really about the reality revolution and a big inspiration for this book was seeing the world and it appears we had the #MeToo movement. We are coming to another level of consciousness and even with scientific research, we are finding the placebo effect.

It is not like what it used to be–it is even more powerful. They can’t do proper research anymore because the placebo effect is so strong. What we are seeing if we watch the news is that our thoughts are starting to influence our news and our environment in the world. We get scared about something and then we start seeing what we are afraid of happening in bigger terms. We have leaders of countries, we have viruses, and what may have been in the past some small thing, is being magnified.

I believe that our thoughts are creating realities faster and more intensely than before. I don’t know why but clearly something is happening. You can feel it, you can see it, there is something happening in the world. I believe it is a reality revolution and I believe that once we become aware of it and we acknowledge, “Hey, the world is not like it used to be.”

If you come to the idea that our thoughts create reality maybe in the past, maybe in the year 2000 you had a thought and you might see it come to fruition maybe three or six months later. I see things happening now and I talk to people all the time. They have thoughts and they start to see it happening within weeks and I think that it is not just for me. It is for people that don’t have any clue about this. So the whole world is going insane and so hey, it’s okay. We actually can use this to our benefit. We can believe in a world that is wonderful. I mean we can start to believe in a world that we’re not divided.

We can believe in a world that’s healthy. We have more control over all of the stuff that is happening than we believe, and I think once we cross that threshold, everything is going to change and it’s really exciting if that makes sense.

Nikki Van Noy: Absolutely and it is such an empowering thing to hear. I think that most people can feel that right now even if they don’t exactly have the words to put to it, I know that I’ve heard that from people on all facets of my life in different ways. It is such an empowering message you know as we’re in this moment of the coronavirus and countries getting shut down, and an uncertain election and all of those things, it can be easy to feel disempowered. So, I love that your message is coming out right now at this specific moment. It seems very important.

Brain Scott: I was just reading a lecture by Neville Goddard that he gave back way back in the 60s and so he was quoting at home from Robert Frost, where he is talking about the founders of our country and how America came about and in that particular case, they believed it in. They decided we’re going to do this, and we are going to have this world that we want to live in. They believed it in and I think that we can do that now.

Once we acknowledge our power and become aware of it, we all can start believing in a future that is amazing if we actually take responsibility for our thoughts. If you feel helpless right now watching the news, that is totally understandable, but once you read this book, you are going to realize there is no reason to feel helpless. All that stuff that you hear could be pendulums, but you have control over it. We have power over the world that we live in and so we can believe in a reality for the whole world, for our friends, for our family, that is amazing and that is what I want everybody to realize.

Nikki Van Noy: And that seems like a perfect note to end on. Again, the book is The Reality Revolution: The Mind-Blowing Movement to Hack your Reality. The author is Brian Scott. Thank you for joining me today Brian. Outside of the book, where else can listeners find you?

Brain Scott: You can check out the website, For coaching, you can go to You can email me at [email protected] if you have questions and I want to help you. That is my goal in life to help as many people as possible, so email me.

Nikki Van Noy: Beautiful. Thank you so much, Brian.