In this episode, Dr. Erin Pollinger talks about the connection between health and wealth and how women can get in touch with the innate feminine power that exists within them. Dr. Erin knows a thing or two about this from both her professional and personal life.

As a chiropractor, life coach, and third top earner in a network marketing company, Dr. Erin has seen the importance of this connection and how it comes in to play in incredible ways in both her own life and those of her clients.

Her new book, Network Marketing Queen: Your Guide to Creating Massive Success by Owning Your Feminine Power, which shows readers how they can be the queen of their own life in business, is already making waves. Actress Mariel Hemingway says, “Dr. Erin’s approach to network marketing is nothing less than remarkable. She is an open-hearted mentor who in a short time has supported thousands of women in finding their voice in a field that requires discipline and self-awareness.”

Nikki Van Noy: Dr. Erin, thank you so much for joining us today.

Erin Pollinger: You’re so welcome. Thanks for having me.

Nikki Van Noy: I want to start by talking about your career. You, it seems to me have had a very interesting trajectory. You’ve been a chiropractor, a life coach, the third top earner in a network marketing company. Let’s give listeners an idea of what your trajectory has been like and how you got to where you are today?

From Chiropractic to Yes

Erin Pollinger: Yeah, absolutely. I love the question. I went to chiropractic school actually when I was quite young. I started when I was almost 20 and really found that I had a passion for helping people in that way. I first experienced chiropractic and had a life-altering adjustment, and really felt my life force and energy come back into me the way that I hadn’t experienced before. I entered that path at a very young age. I graduated when I was about 25 and then I got pregnant right after I graduated with my beautiful daughter named Willow. This is my 21st anniversary of being a chiropractor.

But about 10 years in, I decided that I wanted to serve on an even deeper level and be more intimate with my patients and go more of the life coaching route, along with my chiropractic, just so I could really get into people’s lives and hearts and minds, and as well as their bodies, and really help them take their life to the next level.

I developed a real passion for the physical and the financial, having been very sick for a long time and, not having a lot of money, being pretty broke for a long time as well. I really got first-hand experience, the connection between health and wealth.

When I was about 35, I decided that I was going to make changing my relationship with money my absolute job. It became number one for me. I read the books and I heard the coaches on credit cards before I had the money and I watched the videos and did all the things to really help me change this relationship with money and my life. What I noticed was that my physical symptoms started to dissipate, my energy started coming back.

I started feeling more energy, more life, more myself, I had more energy and passion and fuel for me to give my gifts and service to other people. I became fascinated with this health/wealth conversation. I became a life coach and incorporated that into my practice and started doing more retreats and workshops as well, mostly for women. I’m a Tantric dancer and I’ve been studying that path for about over 15 years now.

I was doing my retreats and my workshops and life coaching and really supporting people around their health and around their wealth. Working with women is a big passion of mine which of course is why I’ve written this book. Then, when I turn 40, I wanted even more level of service. I wanted to contribute at a deeper level. I wanted to have a greater impact and I wanted to have more freedom. I didn’t want to be attached to an office. I didn’t want to do the dollar for hour thing anymore.

I didn’t even want to be attached to being somewhere and doing a coaching session via Zoom. I wanted to have real financial freedom and freedom to travel and be in my retreat center in Costa Rica that we are building out–be able to really be of service and help people wherever I was in the world and make money at the same time.

I just started asking, “How am I meant to live this incredible life?” that I had so clearly pictured in my mind and my heart. That’s when I got introduced to my first networking company, my first and only. I’m still in that company. I got this immediate “Yes,” never having done network marketing, kind of also poo-poo-ing it a bit. Swearing I would never do anything like that.

And I found my “Yes,” because of the company and the products. We are a plant-based wellness company. It’s all about health and it’s all about wealth. I thought, “Wow, this is so in alignment with what I’m already giving and who I already am that I’m saying yes to this,” and I knew it was my ticket to freedom, my ticket that I’ve been dreaming of.

I made the full commitment and decision, to show up to do all the things that I talk about in my book. I’m currently the third top earner in that company, and the lead female earner. It’s been beyond a life-changing experience of helping people with their health, helping people with their wealth, helping people take their power back.

Helping people really rise up to the best version of themselves and it has been an absolute blast. I’m still doing chiropractic, not doing life coaching. Chiropractic is very small at this point. I am actually thinking about closing my current practice completely for a bit because I’m going to be traveling a lot and really focusing more on my retreat center in Costa Rica and doing more leadership retreats there and of course, focusing mostly on my network marketing company.

Nikki Van Noy: I mean, as you were talking, the thing that kept running through my head is how lucky is Willow. So cool to grow up with a mom who is showing you something like this.

Erin Pollinger: Yeah, it is incredible to watch her watch me. I was a single mom for a long time. I know what it is to struggle as a single mother. God bless the single parents for real because I did it on my own for a long time. I built businesses on my own. She has a great father who is present. But, she was with me, you know, 60% of the time, and for most of her life, it was just me. I was the mom and the dad and the gardener, the cook, and the cleaner and the breadwinner and all the things.

That’s also why I was inspired to write this book, really having to find a source of internal support for myself. I had to learn how to resource from within because I couldn’t lean on somebody else and I didn’t have the outside support that I really wanted. I had to find it from within as a single mom and so, her watching me change my life and really claim my life and decide that I am going to be as healthy and vital as I can be and I am going to be as wealthy as I can be so that I can help other people, is amazing.

It was so fun. A month ago, she was at college and she sent me a picture of herself all dressed up. She said, “Mom, I did my first presentation in front of the class.” She’s going to nursing school now at university of Portland and she said, “I never would have been able to do this without you teaching me and seeing you getting in front of the people on the zooms, getting in front of rooms, dressing up, making yourself presentable,” all the things that she watched and learned. That she actually can now go out and do that for herself was the biggest gift that I could have gotten.

Nikki Van Noy: It has to feel amazing. I mean, that’s, I would imagine, the moment that you’ve been striving for all these years now.

Erin Pollinger: Absolutely. When you as a parent can be an epic role model for your child and you watch them becoming incredible people, confident people, people who are giving, who are loving, who know so deeply who they are, who our resourced, who are connected, it’s really–there’s nothing more than that the parent wants.

Health and Wealth

Nikki Van Noy: Yeah, absolutely. I just love that. Congratulations and very well done. There’s so much to dig into here. One thing that I definitely want to talk about is that you have talked several times now about this connection between health and wealth which aren’t necessarily two things that I would put together.

Talk to me a little bit about, first of all, how you came to that correlation. Second of all, how do you see them fitting together?

Erin Pollinger: Yeah, as I was saying before, I was very sick at one point in my life. Horrible digestive symptoms, horrible skin issues, and I didn’t have money for many years, I didn’t know how I was going to put food on the table or pay the rent.

That was not fun. A lot of people live that way. Then, when I found Tantric dance, I was at a low point. My will to live was very low. I’d split up from Willow’s father when she was three and a half. For anybody who knows what it is to split up their family or to have to say goodbye to the other parent of a child, it is just heart-wrenching. It’s absolutely heart-wrenching.

It nearly almost broke me, and I found this amazing resource of Tantric dance, which is all about connecting to your womb, connecting to your center, finding a deeper place within to resource from. That really gave me such a deep level of energy back and power back. Definitely, along with chiropractic, that’s been a big path of mine. It’s what I practice and it’s a piece of work that has absolutely shaped me into who I am today.

With those two things assisting me, I found the courage to say, “I’m changing my life.” I remember when I broke down on my kitchen floor, after years of being broke and years of being sick, I was like, you know, “No. No more. No more broke. No more sick. I am changing my life and I’m taking my power back right now. This has to happen because I have too big of a message to share and too many gifts to give.”

It started with money. I knew I had to change my relationship with money. I knew I had to shift that pattern of hating money, of all the beliefs and all the negative thoughts I had around money. I did just that, like I was saying, hiring the coaches before I had the money, and reading the books and all the things that we do to get more knowledgeable around changing our relationship with our money.

I actually could watch, the more money I made, the more my health shifted. Because money, I believe, is just energy and it is fuel. When we’re energized, we’re healthier in our bodies, we’re healthier in our minds, we’re healthier in our emotions. I really got to witness this in my self, first hand.

I thought, “What an incredible thing to support others, especially women, to find this place within themselves that they can access. That they can harness their own power to take their life back, to change their relationship with money and to feel incredible in their bodies, to feel radiant, to feel magnetic, to feel attractive,” and you know, to teach women and people, not just women, to know that they can have what they want.

They can actually create their most extraordinary lives. People who are successful, people who are free, people who are living lives that you are looking into saying, “Oh my gosh, I wish I could do that.” You can. Anybody can have a magnificent life.  The more extraordinary my life became, the healthier I became, the wealthier I became, the freer I became, the more I was able to send my daughter to college.

As a single mom, I had not had that piece handled before my network marketing company. I was able to help my father build out the retreat center that we have in Costa Rica, which is his big dream. I got to help him bring that to life. I got to be more generous, more giving, more relaxed because I am healthy, and I am wealthy. I want everyone to experience what that feels like. That is another reason why I have written this book and why I do the things that I do.

So, part of the book that I am so excited for people to read is the chapter on money.  I wanted to give this the space that it deserved in the book because I believe really to be the queen of your business and your life, you need to have a fun and energized relationship with money.  It is such a big piece of why women fail and don’t experience the freedom and success that they desire. So, in this chapter, I talk about the relationship that people have with money in these different seasons of wellbeing.

You can really learn to super energize your relationship with money because, again, it’s really one of the keys to being the queen of your business and your life.

A Feminine Shift

Nikki Van Noy: It’s fascinating. I have been thinking about the topics that you are talking about and getting in touch with femininity a lot lately, for a couple of reasons, one of which is I have a daughter. So I think as you talked about in your experience with Willow, you start to change when you have a child and I think especially as a mother with a daughter, to want to become the best version of yourself so that you are emulating that and passing it along.

But outside of that, I’ve also been noticing there seems to be this big shift and I have seen it both in my relationships and the world around me and also through the people I’ve interviewed for books and on podcast, this idea of, much like you were saying, women were trained for so long that we succeeded by hustling and going hard and getting in touch with our masculine. It does seem like there is this recognition now that we are equal obviously but built differently.

And there seems to be this turn to getting back in touch with that core feminine and as a woman, that really resonates with me, and I love that people are starting to talk about this.

Are you seeing a larger shift here that’s happening in the world around us in sort of the way that women are approaching life whether it is your clients or just observations you’re having?

Erin Pollinger: Absolutely, I mean it is really required that there is a shift. What I can say from what I see from all the people that I work with that come in and out of my office, people that I work with in my network marketing company, people that I’ve worked with on workshops and retreats and all the people I have been in contact with right now, women are burned out. Women are overwhelmed–not just women, everybody.

People are overworked, they are under fueled, they are underplayed, they are burned out, grumpy, tired, sick. Most people are walking around that way, in a tremendous state of fight or flight survival mode. People are just trying to get through the day. I mean, in this country, it’s all about bigger, better, faster and more. More success, more money, more of all the things and on social media and all of the different channels of now being able to achieve success.

People are getting sicker and sicker and sicker and less happy, in my experience of what I am seeing with all of humanity. I don’t think it is just women that need more of this feminine way. I think it is men as well. The push, the hustle, the grind, the bigger, better, faster, more action, go-go-go is just not sustainable. It is not. There are a few people that really, really thrive from that way of being. Most people don’t and especially women.

I am seeing that this shift in perspective is collectively called for and it is being asked for everywhere. There are more and more speakers and writers and coaches and women that are rising, that are speaking about these types of things because the feedback from women is just that, “Yes yes yes. We need this, we want this, we don’t want to push. We want to be more in our pleasure, we want to be more attractors and magnetizers. We want to trust more and to surrender more and to be able to receive more.”

In business, what I am seeing, if a woman is closed to receiving, receiving money, receiving support, there is no way she can be successful. If it is just about the doing and the creating, it is going to be exhausting and she will get burned out. So, this is something that I feel so grateful is being shared more, it is being talked more about and the women that are getting on board, they are experiencing the gift of it.

They are building businesses not just with network marketing but, you know, in all areas of life in a way that feels more alive, more energized for me. At the beginning of network marketing, this experience, because I had never done it before, I was following the lead of the men who are at the top of the company. Some of the most amazing men I ever met. They do the masculine better than anyone that I’ve ever known or have ever seen, and I was trying to copy them.

I was trying to do it the way they were doing it, which left me crying in my bathtub at the end of most nights. I was like, “How the heck am I going to do this? I can do it, but this is going to be exhausting,” and I said, “You know what? I am not walking my talk. I am not really moving according to what I teach my women,” and so I really made a commitment to embrace more of these principles that I write about in the book and once I did, my business took off like wildfire and it was so much more fun.

It was so much more energizing and it is something that I can do day in and day out now because it is actually feeding me because I am moving within it in a completely different way.

A Simple Daily Practice

Nikki Van Noy: One of the things that I love hearing about people’s life stories, and yours definitely fits into this is, when you look at them at a glance they can seem like they are sort of all over the place and moving from one thing to another but there are always threads in there and it is fascinating to find out what those threads are and yours clearly is alignment from everything you are talking about here.

In Network Marketing Queen, you also provide daily practices for people to help them get in touch with their pleasure and power. Are there any that you can share with listeners here that they might be able to incorporate into their lives?

Erin Pollinger: Yeah, absolutely. I think just the simplest thing that women can do every day is sitting still and just putting their hands on what I call womb space, which is the space about two inches below your navel. Even if you don’t have a physical womb, you’ve got an energetic womb space and just start to say, “Hello.” Just start to be curious. Most women are so deeply disconnected from this place, they have no idea what I am even talking about when I talk about it.

From being a tantric dancer and really knowing what the connection to this place means for so much in our life, I know the wisdom of this place. I know the infinite power of this place, the infinite pleasure of this place. I know that when you are connected here, you have access to your desires, which, again, creating your life starts with the desire. When you are in fight or flight survival mode and you are disconnected and you are moving from your head, you have no idea what you really want because you are just trying to get through the day.

So, the simplest thing that one can do is be still, put their hands there, and just start breathing into that area and asking to be shown and being curious, saying, “Hello.” That is the very first step, is even seeing. Are you even connected to this area? Does it bring up pain when you try to connect to it? Does it bring up emotion? Are you just completely numb and disconnected? And that’s the most basic thing that women can do to get started on the journey.

Nikki Van Noy: I love that. Something we can all do literally at any point in our days just to wind in.

Erin Pollinger: Absolutely. You know the title, Network Marketing Queen, it’s interesting because some people will see that and think it’s about me and actually the book is not about me. It is about me supporting other women to become the queen. The queen of their business, the queen of their life. To me, a queen is a woman who is connected, a woman who is not running around in the rat race of survival mode.

It’s a woman who is relaxed, who is open. A woman who knows how to feel her feelings, who knows how to be with what is and not run away from that. A woman who knows how to connect to the magic and the miracles and a woman who is grateful. A woman who is connected. A woman who is kind and generous, who supports people in her life, who wants the best for people in her life. It is a woman who is in her pleasure, who walks around with poise and with presence and grace and beauty mostly coming from the inside.

A woman who is radiant and magnetic and knows deeply how to receive and definitely a woman who is in her power, who is wild, who makes her desires non-negotiable, who says “Yes,” who makes decisions, who is strong, who’s courageous, who’s passionate. That is really what a queen is to me and so the book definitely is about me supporting you to step into your fullness as the queen of your business and your life.

Nikki Van Noy: It feels like a big exhale just hearing you explain that. All right, Dr. Erin Pollinger, thank you so much for joining us today. Let’s give listeners an idea of where they can find you.

Erin Pollinger: Absolutely. So, you can go to to find my book and there are some free offers there that you can take advantage of as well. You can also find me on Instagram at I should say somewhere in there that they get free audios for the meditations at the end of every chapter, and when they buy the book and read it, at the end of the book they can find the link to Network Marketing Queen where they can get the free audios.