About the Show

Author Hour features enlightening conversations about books with the authors that wrote them.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could easily get the best ideas from new books? That’s what Author Hour is all about. Each week, we give you the best ideas and stories from a new book, through an in-depth conversation with the author.

We cover all types of non-fiction: business, fitness, investing, self-help, and more. Listeners will get an entertaining and useful summary of each book, in a fraction of the time. A must listen for avid readers and aspiring authors.

About The Host

Nikki Van Noy is the host of Author Hour. She is an author in her own right, and has written the bestselling biographies for both Dave Matthews Band and New Kids on the Block. She has spent more than a decade working as a ghostwriter for authors and books of all stripes, ranging from pop culture to health and wellness.

Before that, Nikki served as an editor at Random House, where she played a hands-on role ushering everyone from New York Times bestsellers to first-time authors through the writing and editorial process.

Nikki has a deep affection for and affinity with authors, and a curious mind about the journey of each and every book.


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Please note that we are not currently accepting requests for interviews.

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