About the Show

Author Hour features enlightening conversations about books with the authors that wrote them.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could easily get the best ideas from new books? That’s what Author Hour is all about. Each week, we give you the best ideas and stories from a new book, through an in-depth conversation with the author.

We cover all types of non-fiction: business, fitness, investing, self-help, and more. Listeners will get an entertaining and useful summary of each book, in a fraction of the time. A must listen for avid readers and aspiring authors.

About The Hosts

Drew Appelbaum

Drew Appelbaum is the host of Author Hour. He has spent more than a decade hosting and producing radio shows ranging from Top 40 to interpretive jazz. He has interviewed artists and authors like Taylor Swift, Beyonce, and Kanye West.

Additionally, Drew has spent close to nine years building community and engagement at Yelp and other startups. He has worked on major projects with Samsung and Sony, and built communications strategies with Uber.

He has a deep affection for and affinity with authors, and a curious mind about the journey of each and every book.


Frank Garza

Frank Garza is a host for Author Hour. After a 10+ year engineering career, he discovered a love of podcasting and hasn’t looked back since. He’s created two original podcasts and has done freelance editing and production work for a number of clients. His most current podcast, Austinites, features personal stories of people living in Austin, Texas.

Frank has been an avid reader since a young age and he loves talking with authors about their writing process.


Benji Block
Benji Block is a host for The Author Hour podcast. Brought up in Nairobi, Kenya he developed a deep love for the world and all of its variety. From an overflow of that curiosity and wonder Benji has always sought to ask deep questions and get at the heart of a topic. Benji is a constant learner, with time spent working in both the non-profit and business sectors, that passion has also translated into a love for podcasting.

Always reading or listening to something, Author Hour is a fantastic outlet for his consistent curiosity, he loves hearing authors discuss their passion and life experience.








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